Your Progression

It’s important that you continue to grow and develop in the things of God. There is so much more in you that needs to come forth. It's time to allow God's will to come forth through you. He wants to express Himself through you, but you first have to understand the importance of how He has called you to operate. You are well able to do all you are called to do!

Let's Journey Together! It's Time For Your Next Level!

During These Courses you will:

* Learn why you knowing who you are called to be matters.

* Discover how, God has placed greatness in you to manifest.

* Understand why you need to uncover more of who you are called to be.

* Build your understanding on how the enemy tries to block you from seeking God's will for your life. 

* Start seeing clearer why your purpose is to help others.

* Be excited to take uncomfortable actions and step out of your comfort zone. 

* Be encouraged to operate in who God has called you to be.

* Get PDF Worksheets for each Section to do assignments and keep track of your thoughts and progress.

* Get the WSS Discipleship Series Mini Book that accompanies the course; along with a notebook.

* The Courses can be taken as an Individual or Group Study (purchased per individual).


Start Your Course Today! The Real You is waiting to come forth!


Jannett Morrow is a visionary leader with a passion for helping Believers see who they are created to be. She enjoys helping them develop their potential and fulfill their purpose.